Xiaomi Mi4i vs Lenovo K3 Note Comparison Speed and Camera

In the following video I have comparing speed of opening various apps on Xiaomi Mi4i (powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 610 & MIUI, LRX22G build) and Lenovo K3 Note (powered by Mediatek 64 bit Mediatek MT6752). Both phones were restarted so that there will be no caching of apps due to opening of them previously.

The obvious thing noticed in the comparison is that Lenovo K3 Note opens all the tested apps much faster than the Mi4i. Also UI is much smoother in case of K3 Note and  switching between apps is also smoother.

Also I have compared camera quality of boths phones. Time to open camera itself is the big difference between the two. Mi4i takes almost 5-6 seconds to open the camera app before it starts taking the pictures. On the other side K3 Note opens camera and can start taking pictures in 2-3 seconds.

Talking about quality of pictures, Mi4i has an edge here. It has better detailing of objects and sharper images. As you can see in the pictures above, when 100% cropped Mi4i shows numbers on the train in much more details then the K3 Note.

Find the youtube video below:

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