Xiaomi had announced Mi A1 Android One smartphone in India and it went on sale on 12th September 2017 in India. I bought this phone on its 1st sale from Mi.com and got the phone very next day. Mi has been pushing the dual camera setup on this phone as flagship dual camera and had compared it to iPhone 7 and OnePlus 5 camera to show its capable camera. So since past few days, I have taken lots of photos with the dual camera phone, with a variety of settings like portrait mode, wide angle lens only, the telephoto lens only, HDR mode, autofocus, manual focus and more. I have taken pictures in a variety of lighting conditions, objects, timings, and backgrounds. Following are some of the photos I have taken with Mi A1 phone dual camera. I will be adding more photos as I take it in next few days/ weeks for better understanding the capabilities of this camera. This is to help the potential buyers of this camera phone as most reviews do not give more than few images in their reviews and customers do not get an idea of the actual camera quality in their day to day scenarios.

I have also created a video out of all these photos to watch them in a slideshow manner. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gagxUYDMzF0&t

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