My mom has been asking for gharghanti for years and finally, we got this one. We were initially thinking of getting Natraj one but it did not have good reviews on Amazon but this one was well rated.
The item is made of wood with inners made of metal. It comes with 6 types of mesh for different size grinding.
There is no on-off switch on the item and the only way to turn it on or off is by the main switch on the socket which needs to be heavy duty. On turning it on, the item makes noise but it is not too much.
Grinding is perfect and no issues with that.
Only problem I have with this product, for now, is the cleaning part. It is so much difficult to clean. Flour gets stuck at various places and at the end of 10 mins cleaning you end-up being a chakki wala bhaiya. It needs a different kind of brush for faster cleaning and also there is a lot of wastage of the flour during the cleaning work as well.
One more thing to remember is that the metal container in which the flour will collect is not high volume. So it takes about 3-4 kgs of flour at once. So for doing large quantity grinding, you have to empty the container every time which can cause wastage as it is hot and difficult to pour the flour into something else. The best way would be to have a vacuum cleaner for cleaning this mess.

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