I wanted to buy a new refrigerator and I was looking at all the possible online and offline options. I wanted a small refrigerator but with good energy efficiency.

I shortlisted this LG GL-B221APZY and Haier HRD-20CFDS-E/ HED- 20CFDS. The difference between the two was that the Haier model was 195 L and was about 5 cms narrower than the LG model. Also LG model has a big handlebar whereas Haier one does not which is a big plus on the Haier side as it takes less space. Also LG one has coils which are outside compared to Haier model in which is it concealed. Haier one also had 3 tempered glass shelves and LG has only 2. I finally bought the LG model as I was getting a bit more size and I got it for Rs. 14250 on Flipkart offer.

LG GL-B221 has a big door. The door goes above the top part of the fridge and also it is thick, so opening the door takes much more space than other variants. Looks-wise the fridge looks very premium and is well built. The vegetable/ fruits basket at the bottom needs the door to be open completely, that is more than 90 degrees.

The cooling of the refrigerator is good and I have not noticed any bad thing about the fridge on my few days of usage.

Good design
5 Star energy efficiency
More space in the door

The door is big and needs more space to open
Door handle also adds to the space taken by the fridge
Only 1 key given in the box
Only 2 tempered glass shelves

I will update the review in the future if I find more plus or minus points.


Design: 4/5
Energy Efficiency: 5/5
Size: 4/5
Features: 4/5
Value for Money: 4/5

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