Hi everyone, welcome to another reviews junky review in which I will review of Havells Ventilair DX exhaust fan with a 150 mm sweep. The model number of the product is FHVVEDXOWH06.

It has 6 blades, which can be removed for easy cleaning. Speed is 1350 revolution per minute, and noise is 34 decibels. The box contains 4 screws and grip, along with the fan and manual.

It even has a Gravity Shutter, to prevent the entry of foreign objects like dust, bird, and pets. The gravity shitter is mechanical, which means that it opens on its own due to the force of the air which is thrown out of the fan. So as soon as you turn off the fan, the shutter will close. So, you can even attach this fan in air-conditioned room walls when not in use.

The fan even has a detachable oil tray for easy cleaning. This is a very good product, a total value for money. Thank you for watching this video. Like if you found this video useful, and subscribe for more such videos.

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