I bought this soundbar on Amazon Prime sale for Rs. 6250. I searched a lot of models before buying this one. I even went to my friend’s house, who has a Mi Soundbar to check out the sound quality.

Built & Design

The Blaupunkt Soundbar has a decent built quality but the subwoofer is well built. Soundbar has 4 speakers inside, as seen when I put a torchlight through the grill. Size is not too big and width being just bigger than my 32 inches LED TV width.


The soundbar comes with an Aux cable, RCA cable, and a remote. Bluetooth connectivity was simple with BT-pair button on the remote. Playing via BlueTooth was also smooth and I did not come across any issues as such. The soundbar input can be a line in by Aux cable or RCA cable. For me, the aux cable worked just fine but the RCA cable did not work at all. I even tried it with another TV at my home but no result. So I had to stick with the aux cable for the connectivity. I even tried the HDMI ARC connection but on playing something on the TV, sound from the soundbar was coming after much times and that too after playing with volume and going backward and forward in the movie a few times. A very bad implementation.

Sound Quality

I already have JBL Creature iii at my house and I have tested Mi Soundbar at my friend’s place for some time. The sound quality of Blaupunkt soundbar is way better than both I have heard. The bass from the subwoofer is not too punchy as I like. Soundbar itself produces a good sound quality with good vocal and treble production. I was impressed by how realistic the sound of the piano was on playing the song “Rock Ferry” by Duffy via Bluetooth. EQ setting on the remote like Music, Movie, News or 3D does not make too much difference. The soundbar gets pretty loud when connected by a line in aux cable but not too much via Bluetooth. When I say too loud, I mean a deafening sound, which it does not make. This is not the best sound I have heard from the speakers but still a total value for money if you could get it for Rs. 6-7k.


Sound quality is the thing which impresses by the sound quality for the price but the connectivity issues with RCA cable and HDMI ARC was a downer. Let’s see if the issue is with my particular unit or with all when I get the service from them.

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