I was looking for a portable speaker for my parents so that they could listen to music via BlueTooth and FM radio. My dad has been buying cheap roadside devices with these kinds of features but I wanted to buy a speaker from a good brand that gives good sound output.

I saw a listing of this speaker on Amazon during their great Indian sale. My main reason for buying the speaker was built-in FM radio and this model seemed to fit all the requirements.

Unboxing and Contents

The Blaupunkt BT-52-BL 10W Portable Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker comes in a box that has a speaker, aux cable, charging cable and a manual. The speaker is well built and looks like the one from a good brand. Front speaker opening is covered with cloth-like material.

Topside has 4 buttons namely Mode, volume plus, volume minus and forward. The side has a blue LED, on/off button, 3.5 mm jack, micro USB charging port and a TF/ micro SD card reader.


The speaker has 4 modes. FM radio, Bluetooth, aux-in and TF card. The only way to change one mode is pressing the M button and there is no way to know which mode is turned on as there is no display. When the Bluetooth is searching the LED starts flashing and the same when FM is searching for channels.

All modes worked fine but FM mode never really worked for me. Plugging in the AUX cable theoretically should increase the reception of the FM radio but that is not the case with this speaker.

FM radio stations can be scanned with the forward button but it takes ages to scan. And if a station is tuned into, the frequency is not proper as the FM stops every few seconds. So I have to press the next button again and then the FM station will start playing properly. Initially, I thought it was a problem with FM reception at my home but even standing in open was having the same issue.

Lack of display is a big downer as I want this for my parents and they cannot keep on pressing the button every time to change the mode. Also, FM radio issues are not forgivable.

Sound Quality

I have heard sounds from many portable speakers including JBL Flip 3. And recently I have bought Blaupunkt SBW-02 soundbar and heard the sound of Mi Soundbar at my friends’ place.

The sound quality of this speaker is good for the price and much better than the cheap speaker you get on the roadside shops. But the sound quality, as well as the loudness, is way inferior to JBL Flip 3. The loudness of this speaker does not get too high and you might have difficulty in listening to it in places with a lot of ambient sounds. Bass is minimal and treble and voice are average at best. Treble is the worst part. I would not recommend anyone to buy this speaker for its sound quality. If you want better sound than go for JBL flip by paying higher.


I got this speaker for Rs. 1100 on amazon sale and it is a good speaker for customers who want to buy Bluetooth speakers in that range. Do not buy it for its ease of use or features, as lack of display is a big headache.


Built quality: 4/5
Sound quality: 3/5
Features: 4/5
Ease of use: 3/5
Overall; 3/5

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